Hi, I’m Robert Ray and this is my story. I handle litigation involving inheritance disputes. I don’t prepare wills. I don’t file wills for probate or distribute estates except when we are in litigation contesting a will or protecting a will from a contest. We handle a select few cases on a contingency.

I created www.TexasInheritance.Com and this blog to help people find answers to their inheritance questions that involve litigation.

This blog has information about inheritance laws, contesting a will, property disputes and problems with trustees or other fiduciaries.

About me.

I have been in practice for more than thirty years and limit my practice to litigation involving contested probate matters like inheritance disputes, will contest, related property disputes and associated torts. I created this blog and www.TexasInheritance.Com, our main site. Please browse these two sites. You may find the answers to the questions you have. If you don’t find your answer and you want to contact me privately about a litigation issue, click the button on the right.

The kinds of cases we handle: