Increase in Will ContestEngland seeing an increase in will contest, why?

For the same reasons Texas is seeing an increase in will contest. I have previously written on why contesting a will has become more common. You can view that article here. An English law firm, Soosmiths, has an article on their website that discusses the Ministry of Justice statements on the causes of the increase in such cases in England. The increase is as much as 700% over prior years!

English law is different from Texas law but the law firm notes several reasons that I have previously discussed like the change in the family structure and the fact that we are living longer. The English article also talks about self made or do it yourself wills being a cause of the increase in will contest. My take on self made wills is that they are almost always done incorrectly and they are set aside more often than attorney drafted wills.

We don’t prepare wills but if you need a will, don’t do it yourself. Go see an attorney who can prepare it correctly so your estate goes to whom you chose.