Adoption Rights of Adopted ChildrenInheritance Rights of Adopted Children

Generally, in Texas, the inheritance rights of formally adopted children are the same as naturally born children. That means that they inherit from and through their adoptive parents. “Through their adoptive parents” means that if the parent of the adoptive parent dies after the adoptive parent, the adopted child will inherit from the grandparent to the same extent as a natural born child. You can read more here.

Adoption By Estoppel

A child does not necessarily have to be formally adopted to be considered an adopted child of the adoptive parents. You can read about adoption by estoppel here.

Inheritance From Biological Parents

The inheritance rights of adopted children from their natural parents may be the same as from their adoptive parents. An adopted child could inherit from his natural parents as well as from his adoptive parents. If a court terminated the rights of the natural parents, the order of termination has to be reviewed to determine what inheritance rights the child has from his natural parents. You can read more here.

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