It can be depending on the mental status of other heirs. Some will contest can get out of hand. As one person put it, you really never know a person until you share an inheritance with them. The Houston Chronicle posted an article about an inheritance dispute involving a brother who sent a bomb to a sister then tried to hire a hit man to kill both of his sisters. The inheritance dispute arose over a two million dollar estate.

According to the article, the sisters had been contesting the will or the distribution of the estate because the bother had been dumping environmentally damaging materials on land belonging to the estate. The sisters had to spend thousands of dollars to clean it up. They asked the court to award them more of the estate because of what the brother had done. A mediator agreed. After he learned of the ruling, the brother, Clair Wolf, allegedly tried to hire an inmate to carry out the murder. He was serving a 29 year sentence in prison on the illegal dumping charge at the time.

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