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Podcast – Time limits for contesting a will in Texas

Time limits for contesting a will in Texas

Written by Robert Ray

Robert Ray is the Editor and owner of this site. Board Certified, Personal Injury Trial Law — Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We handle inheritance disputes throughout Texas. Our principal office is in Lantana, Texas (DFW area).

Last updated Jan 12, 2020

Podcast added!

The topic is “Time limits to contest a will in Texcas?”

A will isn’t open to be contested forever. Contesting a will is limited to filing within a certain amount of time – what the law refers to as the statute of limitations.

You may be surprised to learn that the statute of limitations for contesting wills does not start at the time of death, but when the will is admitted to probate.

That means that if you feel a will should be contested, you must act quickly. If you have a meritorious claim but you don’t act quickly, your claim can be lost. This podcast discusses the issues that a person contesting a will must keep in mind. What are the time limits or statute of limitations? When do they start running? 

Remember, contesting a will is not about greed. It is doing what is right to make sure that our elderly are not taken advantage of by someone. As tragic as it is, abuse against our elders is on the rise. Whether by caretakers, friends, siblings, or even their own children, we are seeing more and more cases of seniors being abused into revising their will.

I am Robert Ray, a Texas attorney who handles litigation involving inheritance disputes. I am Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law. My principal office is in Lantana, Texas, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area but I handle cases all over Texas.
I produce these Podcast to briefly discuss current topics about Texas inheritance issues. You can find more information about Texas inheritance issues at my website, TexasInheritance.Com or on my blog at InheritanceLaws.Info.

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