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How long do I have to contest a will

If you are about to lose your inheritance because someone else is attempting to probate an unfair will,  it is critical that you immediately seek legal help.

Time Limits For Contesting A Texas Will

The time limits for contesting a Texas will -what the law refers to as the statute of limitations– is complicated.  Since the time limits begin when the will is admitted to probate rather than when the testator dies, you cannot say that there is a two year period of limitations or a four year period of limitations.  You need to get expert advice on your time limits.

I have written articles about the time limits involved in contesting unfair wills here

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Contesting a Will in Texas,Time Limit
You know you are an heir,2 years from date will admitted to probate
You don’t know you are an heir -discovering birth parents etc.,4 years
Minor,2 years from date of majority
Fraud,No limit but must act reasonably quickly after discovery of fraud